Lagos is a wonderful expanse of nature that houses an array of places favorable for your Real Estate Investment. 

One of such is Chevron in LEKKI, LAGOS. Chevron is behind Lekki Phase 1  towards Ajah Lagos. It is located between Igbo Efon and VGC Lagos. 

From Lekki Phase 1, you can board a public transport to Chevron and that’s just about #200. Chevron in LEKKI , LAGOS is a very rich environment, home to residential buildings and real estate. 

It is perfect if you want to reside in Lagos as the houses are affordable yet stylish. 

Amenities to see in Chevron Lekki Lagos!

One of the main attractions of Chevron is its abundance of amenities and conveniences that contribute to a convenient and fulfilling lifestyle.

  • Schools
  • Banks
  • Shopping Malls
  • Retail outlets
  • Entertainment centers
  • Boutiques
  • Hospitals
  • Clinics
  • Supermarkets 
  • Specialized medical centers


1) Everything you  want can be found at  Prince Ebeano Supermarket located in Chevron. This is a shopping mall where customers can browse goods online or visit a physical location. Groceries, food and spices, fruits, toiletries, drinks, alcoholic beverages, electrical appliances, home appliances and cosmetics are just some of the many categories offered by the supermarket. You are accessible to a safe and large parking space.

2) Fresh  foods, fruits, soup ingredients and groceries can all be found at Evron Food Store, which is just an upgraded version of a traditional neighborhood market. You could browse through their extensive meat selection, including chicken, snails, tripe, beef and more. Delicious pastries and loaves of bread can be found at a local bakery. Salads and juices are also made to order. Online shopping and the store’s delivery service saves a lot of time. 

3) Kaynoconcept store is the ideal place to find the latest  men’s fashion products. This is one of the stores on Chevron LEKKI LAGOS in Atlantic Mall. It offers many luxury brands from around the world, including Yeezy, Gucci, Adidas, Nike, Bottega Veneta, Balenciaga and many more. 

4) La Maison chez Nadina, located in the Chevy View Estate, is a great place to shop for fashionable women’s clothing. Known for providing exceptional service, they always attract satisfied customers who want to come back for more.

5) Located directly opposite Chevron Nigeria Headquarters, Chevy View Estate is considered by many to be one of the company’s most desirable residential communities. One of the measures taken to ensure the safety of residents is a security force checking visitors  at the entrance to the property for utmost security. Residents can rest assured knowing that armed and mobile police officers are stationed at the entrance to the property. What gives you confidence and peace anywhere you are? Security!!!

6) Businesses such as Zasarii Di Lusso Hotel and  New Hall International School co-exist on the site along with hotels and other commercial developments. The estate rarely floods, although it shares drainage problems with other areas of Lagos Island. It doesn’t take so long before people can return to their daily activities after the rain. 

7) One-bedroom and up to five-bedroom apartments are  available. It’s safe to say that Bera Estate is a more traditional neighborhood than its rival, Chevy View. People often go to Atlantic Mall to shop due to the lack of convenience stores. The estate is a clean and orderly community with full security measures. Residents and visitors on the property must pass  vehicle inspection before entering the community with their vehicle. After verification with the requested resident, security staff will allow the visitor to enter the property. This property is a popular choice for those looking for accommodation on Chevron LEKKI LAGOS because of the peace and security it offers. After passing  Prince Ebeano Supermarket, you will find the entrance to NorthPointe Estate, which leads directly to  Lekki-Epe Highway. The grounds have been carefully planned and all  the buildings are of the same style. The property, like  others on Chevron LEKKI LAGOS, has top-notch security, with guards stationed at both entrances. Site needs such as trash collection and utility distribution are handled by a centralized administration. The property has its own swimming pool, fitness center and bar, as well as plenty of parking for  residents. No need to worry about flooding at the site thanks to the effective underground drainage system. SouthPointe, Victoria Nest, North Shore, Bourdillon Court, etc. are some examples of  other areas of Chevron LEKKI LAGOS.

8) The massive theater and entertainment complex, Atlantic Mall, is the perfect place to see all the latest and greatest blockbusters.Visitors who prefer a quiet experience will appreciate the theater’s intimate size and lack of crowds. Luxurious seats, big screen and top-notch sound. When you buy a movie ticket, the theater will give you popcorn, but if you want other snacks, you’ll have to pay extra  or leave the theater and go to a nearby store. 

9) Most diners at Chevron Chevron Lekki Lagos choose to eat at Mega Chicken restaurant. They offer a  variety of barbeques, African dishes and Chinese cuisine in their extensive menu. People are constantly streaming in and out,  to eat in or  pick up  takeout orders. Customers who frequent the restaurant can attest that the food is always delicious. There is plenty of parking at the restaurant.

10) Try  delicious Asian cultural dishes  at Spice Bowl restaurant. Reasonable prices  and large portions. The restaurant is warm and friendly, the food is delicious and cooked to order. Tangerine fried rice and shredded beef sauce are two of their most popular dishes. You can also get regional specialties. The restaurant is open from 9am to 9pm on weekdays and weekends.

11) Preschool, preschool, and kindergarten students attend Blossom Early Year, an area Montessori school. Enrolling a child in this school is a wise decision as teaching can be tailored to each student’s individual needs and learning style. The program at this facility is a synthesis of Early Childhood Foundation Stage, and Primary Education. In cases where parents or guardians are unable to pick up their children immediately after school, an after-school service package is available. Until they leave, these children engage in interesting activities. 

12) In addition to  day programs, New Hall International School also offers a boarding education program based on a comprehensive, British  curriculum.The school implements various teaching strategies such as active learning, creative thinking, global awareness,  use of technology, etc. Air-conditioned classrooms, modern libraries, science labs, language labs,  music and technology areas and  state-of-the-art computer labs all contribute to an exceptional education. The clinic has a well-trained administrator who can reassure worried parents that their child will receive medical care in case of an emergency. Children of all ages, from kindergarten through 12th grade, are welcome.

13) Artville School’s Montessori program accepts students at the preschool, preschool, kindergarten, and elementary levels. Their goal is to equip all  students with the critical thinking and interpersonal skills they will need to succeed in life through a rigorous and well-rounded education. Children’s skills are honed in a variety of ways, including classroom instruction, extracurricular activities and vocational training. School facilities  include a media center, play area, music room, computer room and art room. There are also school buses that can pick up and drop off students at designated locations. Students whose parents cannot pick them up at the end of the school day may choose to pay for the  after-school program.

Property prices ideas in Chevron, Lekki Lagos 

Daily payment.

Shortlet Houses

 #130,000 – #150,000

Shortlet flats

#75,000 – #100,000

Yearly payment.

Houses for rent

#5.5 million – #7.5 million 

Flats for rent 

#2 million – #3 million 

For-Sale prices


#90 million- #150 million 


 #70 million – 90 million 


#120 million – #150 million 

Investing in real estate is not just about a place to call home; it’s also a strategic financial decision. Chevron is a great location in Lagos, with its track record of consistent appreciation, presents a compelling investment opportunity. As the real estate market in Lagos continues to thrive, choosing to buy a property in Chevron Lekki Lagos ensures that your investment not only safeguards your present but secures your future.

I hope that I am able to convince you on why you should key into investing in Chevron Lekki Lagos?

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