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Before You Buy Any Land In 2021 Consider Using This Strategy  (Part 1)

Before You Buy Any Land In 2021 Consider Using This Strategy (Part 1)

Don’t buy a property because everybody is buying rather buy aproperty where development is growing .
People that have created lot of wealth from real estate follow the a simple strategy called CPEL strategy.
Following the CPEL strategy has helped me and through my real estate investment even in economic upheaval.
In fact, I make more money in economic upheaval through Real Estate.
I teach real estate investors around the world how to apply these same timeless and universal value system and they are ever grateful to me for that.
The CPEL strategy is a node of codes used by master real estate investors.
‘ CPEL ’ is an acronym for a value system which drives the appreciation of properties anywhere in the world
A piece of land is a piece of land everywhere and anywhere.
However, there are factors that determine the value and that is what the CPEL strategy hinges on.

These factors are wealth accelerator.

Wherever they go, that is where money goes.
So, you have to be timely and be on the lookout for such opportunities for property investment.
Today I will pick one of the strategies and explain
These should be your checklist for property investment in 2021 and beyond.
1 C-CommerceAs an intelligent investor, you must find answers to these questions:
•🏼 Where is the money?•🏼 Where is the money going?
• 🏼 Where will the money be?
Always be on the lookout for where enterprise is growing;
Where new businesses are emerging and people are exchanging money for goods and services.
Land is about people and its value is attached to the kind of people that are around it.
Aliko Dangote , the richest man in Africa wrote in July, 2018 “ Lagos is more than ready for business. Our refinery, petrochemical, fertilizers and has projected will generate N8 trillion per annum for Nigeria when fully on stream.”

Can you see growth and money right there?
Where commerce is, that is where money flows.
It is the flow of wealth in the land that determines the value of the land itself.
The Lekki Free Trade Zone in Lagos Nigeria has been rated as the fasting growing Free Trade Zone in the world according to the Report by World Bank as stated by Estatehome.
The incessant development of industries and economic driven projects has led to the upsurge of commerce in Ibeju Lekki with lots of multi-billion dollars industries and projects.
It is strategically positioned for the U.S and European market as it faces the Atlantic Ocean from the south and also the Western Africa market of 300million population as it borders with the Lekki Lagoon.
This makes The Free Trade Zone axis a good location for smartinvestors to own properties.
The commercial activity in a place is what determines the value of land due to demand and each time demand becomes higher than supply that is how you make a fortune from your property.
Let’s look at the Lekki Free Trade Zone which has made Ibeju Lekki a good investment location.
According to Wikipedia , “ a free-trade Zone is a class of special economic zone. It is a geographical area where goods may be landed, stored, handled, manufactured, or reconfigured, and re-exported under specific customs regulation and generally not subject to customs duty .”
As a result, it is always a center of international trade which is geared to boost a country’s economy.
The development in the area is rapid and ongoing, some even refer to the area as the new Lagos.
The commercial center of Lagos State seems to be shifting gradually towards the area with much effort being put into developing industries and infrastructure.
The projection of the economy of Lagos shows that Ibeju Lekki will account for 75% of Lagos state wealth by 2025.
Some of the projects and industries that will drive the upsurge of commerce in Ibeju Lekki include the development of Africa biggest refinery (Dangote Refinery), Petrochemical Plant and Fertilizer Plant by the richest man in Africa Aliko Dangote.
The refinery would be the 6th largest in the world with a processingcapacity of 650,000 barrels of oil per day.
The Fertilizer plant be the largest in the world.
There are other projects like The Lekki International Airport, Lekki Deep Seaport, PanAfrican University, St. Augustine University, Lekki Golf Course, a proposed 4th Main Bridge and a whole lot of Resort Beaches and Tourist Centers.
These projects have been described as a game-changer and a catalyst to the Africaeconomy transformation.
When you see the massive commerce and development that would be in a place like Eko Atlantic, what comes to your mind?
Commerce should be your watch principle when investing in a property because it is what guarantees its appreciation.
Let’s end it here today
Expect part 2 soon
Drop a comment below if you have learnt something new
Talk to you soon

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