Buying Lagos State Government Land: What You Should Know!

The real estate sector is part of Nigeria’s thriving economy, and Lagos State residence can easily invest in such by purchasing land directly from the State Government. However, individuals or organizations willing to purchase lands should be ready to adhere to the stipulated laws, and
these regulations play some vital role that guides residential leases and development, commercial and human habitation.
Whether you are purchasing land from individuals within the State or directly from the Lagos State Government, you should know that this activity is governed by Common Law, Statutes, Customary Law, Case Law, and the 1978 Land use Act. There are various schemes that the Lagos State Government uses in the allocation of land to residents. Knowing these schemes are the basics of how to buy land from the Lagos State Government.
Lagos State Government Schemes: Management Agencies Within the State, some agencies handle and design all of the State Government schemes. The
four major Ministry Department and Agencies (MDA) include:
The General Office of the State Surveyor
This MDA functions as the Survey Framework provider, facilitating the Certificate of Occupancy’s registration under the Land Use Act’s auspices. This task is its primary function within the State. As a department, they work with the other ministries to take up the “Survey of Government” state development schemes.
The Land Use and Allocation Committee
The Land Use and Allocation Committee handles everything that has to do with the coordination of all issues related to land allocation and encompasses the management of many existing Lagos State schemes to the public members. Thus, the processing and issuance of the Certificate of Occupancy is the duty of this MDA, and they handle all other duties that the State Governor assigns.

New Town Development Authority (NTDA)
The NTDA is an agency that takes up the duty of establishing New Towns and develops the Lagos State Government Schemes. The ministry also provides the State Government Estates’ infrastructure and works with the Ministry of Physical Planning Development and Site Selection to monitor unauthorized state developments.
The “Physical Planning and Urban Development” State Ministry
Working alongside the NTDA, this ministry takes control of all the state developments and prepare the Layout Plan for the Lagos State Schemes. The layout provided by this ministry consists of varying land use on a zonal basis. A typical layout showcases plots for residential, recreational, and commercial uses, and you can find those that would serve the purpose of the neighborhood garden.

Kindly note that these MDAs works across the five divisions of Lagos States:
● Ikorodu Division
● Badagry Division
● Ikeja Division
● Epe Division
● Lagos Island Division
How to Acquire Land from the State Schemes
To acquire lands from the Lagos State Government, you must submit the following documents to commence the land acquisition process.

● A letter to the Land Use and Allocation Committee’s Executive Secretary
● The standard form and receipt of the land allocation
● White background passports (4)
● Income Tax payment evidence
● Your development levy; kindly note that companies would be required to provide evidence supporting two Director’s Income Tax payment.
● Land charges and payment receipt
● Survey plan

The process of acquiring land from the Lagos State Government involves the steps explained

  1. Approaching the Land Bureau Finance Department
    To obtain land from the Lagos State Government Schemes, you must first visit this office to obtain and fill a form that needs to get to the LUAC (Land Use Allocation Committee) within the same collection day. Please note that you must have half of the amount for purchasing the land and be willing to pay on collecting this form.
  2. Collecting the Land Allocation Letter
    After submitting the letter to the LUAC, you have to pay and get the offer of allocation letter. After the land’s full payment, you would receive a confirmation letter that provides the plot number and block number.
  3. Processing the Certificate of Occupancy
    After concluding the steps explained above, the next step is the processing of the Certificate of Occupancy. However, the Scheme Officer is the one in charge of performing this task, and this personnel sends the Certificate of Occupancy file to the LUAC Executive Secretary.

You can find the LUAC Executive Secretary in the Secretariat in the Lands Bureau Office (Block 13, Room 4), Alausa, Ikeja. After submission, the LUAC Executive Secretary conducts all checks on the file and presents the concluded file to the Governor on Lands Senior Special Assistant.
Within this process, the Scheme officer already has the digitized survey provided by the Survey General.
The Land Governor SSA would work on the file settings before forwarding a memo to the Lands Bureau Permanent Secretary to go through the file. Once there’s no query from the PS, the memo gets signed, and the Governor gets the file in two days.

There would be an electronic signing of the file as the Governor receives it, and the signed Certificate of Occupancy moves further to the Deputy Registrar’s office.
The Deputy Registrar acts on the received file and signs it before sending it off to the Registrar of Titles’ table. Once this file gets to the point, the Certificate of Occupancy gets signed and printed.

After purchasing the land, all developments on that piece of land must be in line with the validations and regularizations of the Lagos State Ministry of Physical Planning and Urban Development. Based on the law enacted in 2010, individuals or organizations must have a development permit before erecting any purchased land structures.


The land is a significant aspect that brings in revenue within the country, as various activities occur. Purchasing land from Lagos State depends on the regulation covering land use within the State governed by the MDAs and their schemes.
These schemes cover the land purchasing activities across the five divisions of Lagos State. This article explains the steps and processes involved in acquiring land within these Schemes. Hence, you can go through them and successfully purchase and Government-owned land in the State.

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