Davido, Burna boy and Arya Star won Grammy awards BUT This happened

Davido, Burna boy and Arya Star won Grammy awards BUT This happened

Over the weekend, Tyler, a South African won the Grammy awards.

It was such a huge shock to people because they had thought Davido, Burna boy and Arya Star could have won because they have been here for a while and consistent in their crafts as well.

Many people are beginning to connect this event to the forthcoming match between Nigeria and South Africa.

And the question is, should we be bothered?

Does this event spell doom to our Super Eagles?

I don’t think so.

The Grammy awards are not usually earned on the basis of sentiments.

And so, we should not be superstitious by claiming to know the results of an event that is yet to take place.

Moreso, these events are from different aspects.

We should keep the hot blood running with positivity and not be discouraged by the Grammys event.

That shouldn’t dictate what our boys are capable of on the field.

Stay positive, we’ve got this!

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