In the enchanting city of Lagos, Ikeja stands out as the recognized haven for the elite. With a population of 313,196, as documented in the 2006 census, Ikeja is a vibrant hub of activities in southwestern Nigeria. The city is characterized by a harmonious blend of commercial and residential zones, offering residents and visitors diverse experiences.

When contemplating a suitable housing development within Ikeja, one is confronted with the choice of embracing the energetic atmosphere of a commercial zone or opting for the tranquility of a residential area. It is in navigating this decision that Maryland, Ikeja Lagos  emerges as a compelling option. Maryland Ikeja Lagos does not only encapsulates the essence of Ikeja’s allure but also provides a distinctive residential experience, making it a noteworthy consideration for those seeking the perfect balance between urban vibrancy and residential comfort.

Maryland offers the perfect blend of city living and strategically positioned housing, ensuring you’re in the heart of the action during the day and nestled safely at home by night. It’s a top choice for those looking to buy or rent property in Nigeria’s bustling commercial hub. Living in Maryland Ikeja Lagos comes with the advantage of easy access to major roads like Ikorodu Express Road (Independence Tunnel), Mobolaji Bank Anthony, and Ikeja GRA, connecting you to different parts of Lagos.

What sets Maryland apart is not just its accessibility but also the vibrant hotspots within the community. From established developments like Shonibare Estate to upcoming ones like THE GREYSTONE, Maryland Ikeja Lagos promises an even better city life experience. Consider Maryland for a lifestyle that seamlessly combines urban excitement with comfort.

Fascinating places that create investment opportunities in Maryland Ikeja Lagos 

1) Maryland Mall provides a one-stop shopping experience for all your needs, earning acclaim among locals. Beyond grocery outlets like MarketSquare, it features a cinema, gaming hub, car wash, diverse dining options, and additional amenities. Moreover, it serves as a collaborative workspace for individuals engaged in remote work.

2) Onigbongbo Market is the ideal destination for enthusiasts of retail therapy at compact shops, offering a plethora of fresh produce, including fruits and vegetables. This bustling market showcases a wide variety of goods characteristic of a Nigerian marketplace, encompassing grains, tubers, assorted cooking oils, and a diverse selection of animal proteins, spanning meats, fish, and more.

3) Maryland Ikeja Lagos is recognized as a welcoming place for pets in Lagos, hosting one of the most well-stocked pet boutiques in the city. Royal Canin Nigeria stands as a meticulously arranged pet emporium, providing a diverse array of products such as feline tissues, canine diapers, animal nourishment, and even beauty items for your pets. It serves as a comprehensive destination for all your pet’s needs. Additional retail choices in the vicinity encompass Odua Investment Plaza, Ogun Opic Plaza, and Hubmart stores.

4) The Cane Village stands as a marketplace where cane wood and raffia find expression in crafting household articles such as baskets, floral vases, furnishings, beach hats, and more. Within this market, you’ll encounter distinctive, skillfully crafted, and affordably priced goods. Nestled beneath the Ojota Bridge, this market captures the admiration of visitors and patrons, showcasing remarkable artistry and inventiveness. Consequently, it has evolved into a sought-after spot for both tourists and commerce.

5) In the realm of dining, wellness, and nocturnal pursuits, Essence By The Grid stands out as a premier restaurant. Esteemed for its serene ambiance accompanied by delightful music, this establishment captivates patrons with a delectable array of offerings, including seafood, cocktails, and pasta, ensuring a compelling reason for customers to return.

7) Aroydee Thai Restaurant offers delectable Thai cuisine, and its rooftop provides a breathtaking vista of Lagos. For those prioritizing fitness, Maryland Ikeja Lagos provides convenient options like the i-Fitness Fitness Center to cater to your well-being without having to venture far.

8) An array of services such as mixed martial arts, individualized training, aerobics, and more await, with instructors who are not only accommodating but also encouraging as you pursue your fitness objectives. For moments of repose, consider exploring B-Natural Spa and Adeline Gallery among other places for relaxation.

9) A-listers and nightlife enthusiasts regularly patronize Club Rumors, an upscale establishment in Lagos founded by the iconic Nigerian musician Innocent “2baba” Idibia. Join the festivities on a Friday evening, mingle with the crème de la crème of the mainland amidst fantastic music, all within a cozy and secure setting. Another Maryland nightlife gem is Club Invogue, celebrated for its enduring excellence and affordable allure, making it a standout and renowned choice in the region.

10) Maryland nights to look out for!

 Club Vegas

Caribbean Knight Club

Club Uno

Property price ideas in Maryland Ikeja Lagos 


Short Let Houses- # 120,000 – #150,000

Short Let Flats-  # 87,500 – #100,000

Rent (Annum)

Houses – # 7,000,000 – #8,000,000

Flats – # 2,500,000 – #4,000,000

For sales

Houses- # 159,000,000 – #180,000,000

Flats –  # 75,000,000 – #90,000,000

Lands – ₦ 75,000,000 – #100,000

Let’s me introduce you an Apartments in Maryland Ikeja Lagos called Main Castle Apartment  

Main Castle Apartment consists of:

Main Castle Apartment and Duplexes is luxury Redefined and antidote to housing deficit in Lagos, Main Castle Apartment and Duplexes is sitting structurally and strategically on a large expanse of land specially designed to turn home into a  place of serenading comfort.

  • Studio Apartment Penthouse 

2 Bedroom Apartment 

2 Bedroom Apartment +BQ

2 Bedroom Apartment Penthouse + BQ

3 Bedroom Apartment +BQ

3 Bedroom Apartment Penthouse+BQ

5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex + 1 BQ

  • Location

No 4, Iya Oloye Crescent, Maryland Ikeja, Lagos.

  • Title

Deed of Conveyance 

  • Infrastructure

– Perimeter fencing. 

-24 Hours security surveillance

-Security network & patrol

 -24 hours power Modern Home automation


-Elevator swimming pool

-High speed internet access

-Access card

 -Ample parking space

  • Neighborhood 

– less than 10 minutes to 3rd Mainland Bridge 

– less than 7 minutes to MM 1 

– less than 7 minutes to MM 2 

– less than 10 minutes to Muritala international airport 

-less than 3 minutes to Maryland Mall 

-less than 5 minutes to Army Barracks

  • House Types and prices

Outright Payment (0- 3 months)

Initial Deposit:-#7,000,000

Studio Apartment Penthouse= Sold Out 

2 Bedroom Apartment = #75,000,000

2 Bedroom Apartment +BQ=#85,000,000

2 Bedroom Penthouse Apartment + BQ =#120,000,000

3 Bedroom Apartment +BQ=#105,000,000

3 Bedroom Apartment Penthouse+BQ=#150,000,000

5 Bedroom Fully Detached Duplex + 1 BQ=#250,000,000

Can you see that Maryland Ikeja Lagos is a bubbling place, full of business activities that will highly favor your real estate investment?

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