LAGOS NIGERIA| EPE-IKORODU Road TOUR | Distance to ketu Epe (Part 1) by Dennis Isong

Epe Lagos is one of the preferred locations you need to consider when thinking about where to invest your money for maximum profits.

Many persons now focus on this axis as they have discovered that the earlier they invest their hard earned money in Epe, the better before the price skyrocket like every other locations on the Lagos island.


Below are reasons why you should buy land in E

1.Epe is part of the location that is not far from the Lekki free trade zone.

The Lekki free trade zone is one of the major conservation foundations which covers large hectares of land.

Its function is to reduce the trade barriers between Nigeria and other countries.

The free zone is authorized by both the Federal Government of Nigeria and the Lagos state government. In lieu of this, properties in Epe are fast appreciating because several companies are investing due to the proposed and ongoing development. 

Also, Epe is favorably situated close to the city center, The Alaro city which covers more than 2000 hectares of land in the Lekki free trade zone.

The Alaro city has areas for warehousing, schools, hotels, offices, and healthcare facilities

2.Epe boasts of colleges and universities which gives investors an idea of what they can do with the property.

The famous Yaba College of Technology has a campus in Epe, Augustine University, Michel Otedola college is also located in Epe. This has led to the construction of educational-related infrastructures like hostels, restaurants, and many more by investors.

 3.Epe also boasts of good road networks:

Epe road network is known to connect to Ikorodu and Itokin, also to Ijebu Ode.

The road construction and design projects in Epe were handled by Craneburg and lasted for 16 months.

You can see that owning a property in Epe is a keystone to wealth creation.

4.Land in Epe is cheap:

Since Epe is a developing area of Lagos state with good road networks, landed property is fast appreciating.

If you are willing to invest here you can get still get a property with as low as 750,000 naira .

5.Epe boasts of affordable housing:

Having a home or property in Epe is more affordable than any other place in Lagos state.

If you are a middle class and looking for a more habitable and serene location to invest in Lagos state, Epe is your best bet.

Cost of labour is relatively cheap than other part of the state. Unlike Lekki and Ajah axis which are sometimes affected by flood when rain falls, Epe boasts of land with dry topography and cost of building materials sold in this part of Lagos state are relatively cheap.

In Conclusion

Owning more than a landed property in Epe is a good investment because the development in this location is still positively affecting properties.

So, if you have already had multiple investment in Epe, then you are to be among one of the investors that will be enjoying a high return in the future.

So do not snooze because the best time to own a property is now

I will recommend you buy a land in Epe Lagos
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